Sales Consulting

Having its roots in Sales and Sales Team Development, Sener Group can help your small to mid-size company or start-up organization focus on driving revenue straight to the bottom-line.  Our sales professionals have extensive experience in Sales Consulting to Software, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing, as well as Manufacturing and Telesales development across many Business to Business (B2B) markets.  When it comes to sales consulting, Sener Group is your one-stop consultancy for:

  • Sales Consulting ComponentsLeadership Coaching
  • Sales Training & Team Development
  • Sales Process & Operational Review
  • Sales Compensation Structure & Planning
  • New Market Sales Strategy
  • Sales/Business Development Integration
  • CRM Use and Management Training

Breaking the overall sales consulting process into five steps, Sener Group can easily work with your organization on developing these key areas to give your organization a roadmap to continued success.


By understanding your company and it’s persona, we can better develop a strategy that will enable you to tackle new markets.

Sales Process

Identifying how your product or service enters a market and how it is perceived by your prospective customer, Sener Group is able to create a Sales Process Roadmap.

Sales Systems

The Sales Process Roadmap is critical to developing the systems you put in place to manage, track and implement sales.  From CRM, outreach, and integrated accounting and operations systems, we work with you to develop systems of success.

Team Development

Sales ConsultingHaving a cohesive team that is consistent in their message and sales approach gives your business a leg up on the competition. A cohesive, well trained sales force enables you to put your product or service into the marketplace faster and more efficiently than your competition.

Ongoing Analytics

Tracking each and every process through the sales cycle gives your sales managers the tools they need to make critical business decisions.  Understanding the data you are receiving from the systems in place can give you actionable intelligence and will help you to develop problem areas in your sales cycle.

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