Marketing StrategyThe practice of marketing your organization, your products or services and your message to your prospects and customers alike is a multifaceted and, at times, daunting task.  Sener Group can work with your small to mid-sized or start-up organization to develop and implement a strong marketing strategy.  We will intimately work with you to understand your overall goals in order to generate a solid achievable and executable plan.

Branding strategy

Your brand is not your company or product. Your brand is what your customers perceive of you and how they feel about your product or service.  Creating a solid brand strategy can be a challenge for a smaller business or start-up.  That’s why we work with you on developing a strong brand strategy by tying your brand to your business model.

New market analysis

Looking at entering new markets, but not sure how to analyze the space for your new or proposed product or service?  We have the ability to dig into new markets or product/service offerings to give you the necessary intelligence enabling you to make educated market entry decisions.

Localization Planning

Whether you are a domestic business entering into new geographic markets or an international company seeking to expand in to the lucrative United States market, we can help.  With valuable data on hundreds of Metropolitan Service Areas (MSA’s) and powerful marketing tools & localization partners at our fingertips, we can help you penetrate new markets for your business.

Social Media (link)

By knowing and understanding your brand strategy, marketing plans, and overall objectives, we can help you develop your social media strategy so that it works seamlessly with your other marketing objectives.  Learn more about Sener Group’s Social Media work here.

Outsourced Marketing Services

You’re a smaller business or start-up in need of super-size marketing. We area your one-stop solution on the road to building your own marketing department.  Our specialty is acting as your in-house solution while helping you to plan for an on-boarding strategy for your own team.  We will work seamlessly with your various departments and leadership as an extension of your organization.

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