Business Development

Business Development (Biz Dev), the process of pursuing long-term growth opportunities from customers, relationships and markets, is the cornerstone of building a strong sales foundation.  When building a Biz Dev strategy for a small to mid-size business or start-up, Sener Group takes into consideration your overall sales and marketing strategy.  Our focus lies in three distinct areas:

  • Business Development OverviewCustomers: Extracting value from current clientele while developing new strategies for finding new customers
  • Markets: Discovering where new customers exist (both in interpretive buying, as well as geographically)
  • Relationships: Leverage existing relationships to build new and lasting ones

Sener Group understands that for a business to grow successfully over time, it needs a strong understanding of business development practices as well as a solid strategy for implementing and maintaining that “biz dev undercurrent.”

We work with your to craft your message to create new value propositions that help to leverage existing relationships to develop new prospects.  Additionally, by creating new markets through the use of business development strategies, Sener Group can help your business leverage it’s offering to add value to your existing relationships.

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